APS Engineering office space

Typology: Office Space
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Built area: 280 m2

Sector: Commercial

When we started to create an office and workspace for the APS Engineering, first of all, we began to study philosophy, rhythm, life, and people who work there are.

The main direction of the APS is working with Textile Architecture, namely awnings and quickly erected structures. A very modern and interesting trend in Architecture.

The lightness, flexibility and clean of Textile Architecture inspired us to create this design

And we were guided by three main factors:

1. Philosophy

2. Atmosphere

3. Product

We believe that the workspace should be not only comfortable but also homely. After all, this space was created for people working in it and spending most of their lives. That is why, for many, an office is a second home, where you communicate, develop, create, and bring benefits to society.

We have created a space with modern design solutions, ideal lighting, a comfortable space, a unique atmosphere, and convenience for everyone.

VR 360 tour view 1
VR 360 tour view 2

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